ContraGel: Enabling Effective Diaphragm Usage Without Chemicals

Contragel natural spermicide alternative Many women who choose non-hormonal birth control use a barrier contraceptive during their fertile days, but an all too commonly issue arise because of the accompanying spermicide. Chemical laden spermicides or contraceptive gels can lead to irritation or an itchy rash and can be a show stopper for some couples and actually prohibit the use of the desired contraceptive.

ContraGel Green is at the forefront of the revival of barrier contraception, because until now, no spermicide meant no barrier usage. Now however, ContraGel Green offers an all natural alternative, so at last your diaphragm or cervical cap can be used without rash or irritation.

So with a natural alternative to spermicide now being widely available, diaphragm and cervical cap use can now begin to grow at a greater pace and more couples can comfortably use their chosen method of contraception.



Key Things You Should Know About ContraGel

ContraGel Green is a Class IIa medical device approved for retail sale and home use under CE 0124 certification. No medical prescription is required (available over the  counter) and full manufacturer’s instructions are included in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish with every unit.

  • Totally Hormone Free
  • Totally Free of Nonoxynol 9
  • Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)
  • MUST Be Used With A Barrier Contraceptive
  • Compatible With YES Water Based, Organic Lubricants
  • Over 35 Years Production History
  • European Manufactured
  • CE 0124 Certified and Health Canada Approved
  • Always In Stock
  • Usually dispatched Within 24 Hours (Working Days)



ContraGel - What It Is And How It Works

Contragel natural spermicide alternative Being water soluble means it’s safe to use with natural latex, rubber or polyurethane condoms as well as latex or silicone rubber diaphragms and cervical caps.

When used with a cervical cap such as FemCap, ContraGel Green forms a physical barrier with a low pH value just in front of the cervix, inhibiting and immobilizing the sperm. The woman is protected twice, first by the cap and then by the gel.

ContraGel is a very safe contraceptive gel for those who are investigating their natural birth control methods. As a Lactic Acid-based gel, Contragel is similar to Femprotect, which is based upon the formula used for DiaphragmaGel Lacto. There have been no clinical studies to prove the spermicidal function of Femprotect and there have been no clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of Femprotect so users use it at their own risk. On the other hand, ContraGel has been approved for use by the European Union with their issuance of the CE 0124 mark.

The product is a tried and tested alternative to spermicide, produced and used in this composition for over 35 years First manufactured by the Family Planning Association (NVSH) from 1972 until 2003 under the name Contracep Green this product has been bought back into production through consumer demand by DeltaMed GmbH, a German based ISO 13458 Certified manufacturer, rebranding the product ContraGel Green.



ContraGel Has All Natural Ingredients

Water, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lactate, Methyl Cellulose and Sorbic Acid  whilst containing no Nonoxynol 9 or hormones.



Consumer Information About the Dangers of Nonoxonol-9

One part of the ContraGel story is about what ContraGel doesn't actually contain, Nonoxynol 9.

Nonoxynol-9, sometimes abbreviated as N-9, is an organic compound that is used as a surfactant. It is a member of the nonoxynol family of nonionic surfactants. N-9 and related compounds are ingredients in various cleaning and cosmetic products.

It's a powerful chemical and really does leave the sperm very very dead!

The reason for the need and the popularity of ContraGel is that it offers a secure alternative to Nonoxynol 9 which is the active ingredient in 'traditional' spermicides but can cause abrasions to the skin as it breaks down skin cells as easily as it breaks down sperm cells. As the skin cells break down the resulting abrasions increase the risks of all types of infection as well as generally itching.

Not containing nasty N9 means that ContraGel is not classified as a pharmaceutical spermicide and enjoys itch-free status as a result.

Containing only natural ingredients and having a base of water, ContraGel is designed to cause the minimum of irritation to both partners in the most intimate and sensitive areas of their bodies.






The Abrasive Nature of N-9 and Its Effect ON STDs - Watch The FDA's Warnings

N-9's ability to kill microbes in-vitro was initially taken as evidence that it might be effective at preventing STD transmission. However, more recent findings indicate that it may actually increase a person's risk of contracting STDs, especially if used frequently.

This is because the chemical causes tiny abrasions inside the sensitive vaginal and anal walls.

From 1996 to 2000, a UN-sponsored study carried out in several locations in Africa followed nearly 1000 sex workers who used Nonoxynol-9 gels or a placebo. The HIV infection rate among those using Nonoxynol-9 was about 50% higher than those who used the placebo; those using Nonoxynol-9 also had a higher incidence of vaginal lesions, which may have contributed to this increased risk.

Whereas these results may not be directly applicable to lower-frequency use, these findings combined with a lack of any demonstrated HIV-prevention benefit from Nonoxynol-9 use have led most major health agencies to recommend that it no longer be used by women at high risk of HIV infection. The WHO further states "N-9 offers no protection against sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia."

Regular use of Nonoxynol-9 also appears also to increase the risk of infection with sexually transmitted human papillomaviruses (HPVs) that can cause cervical cancer.



YES Water Based Lubricants And ContraGel

YES organic and vegan lubricants When intercourse takes place the goals tend to be either reproduction, pleasure or both. When it's not reproduction then contraception can become a priority but that doesn't mean that the pleasure should take a back seat.

If a cervical cap like FemCap or a diaphragm is used then a contraceptive gel like ContraGel is needed. Yet lubrication might also be desired to compensate for vaginal dryness or simply for extra smooth and moist pleasure.

In this scenario where both contraception and extra glide is needed, then matching ContraGel and YES water based lubricants together is a winning move.

Firstly, the YES water based lubricant is designed to be safely used with all known condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps made from both silicone and also latex.

Furthermore, the ContraGel is water based too which means the combination is totally safe, non reactive and both products are natural and vegan. This means that only a natural residue will remain and the vagina doesn't have to endure a chemical onslaught in order for you to enjoy some good clean, safe fun.



Learn About The 6 -8 Days Each Cycle When ContraGel and Barrier Contraceptives Are Needed To Prevent Pregnancy

cyclotest can identify your fertility window The goal of barrier contraception is to prevent perm from reaching and fertilizing an egg — but fertilization is biologically impossible unless a viable egg is present

Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Fertility Awareness (FA) identify when there is or is not an egg present, nullifying the need for contraceptives most of the month. Sperm can live inside the womb for up to 5 days, and ovulation releases an egg which is able to be fertilized for one day. That six day span is referred to as the fertility window, and is the only time there is actually a real need for a barrier device.

Cyclotest uses Symptothermal fertility charting to identify that fertility window by using a daily basal body temperature (BBT) reading. Changes in the BBT readings help identify ovulation and form the fertility window.

With 99% reliability, why not let Cyclotest make your contraceptive decisions for you?

Learn more about using Cyclotest to identify your fertility window at our main website



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  1. ContraGel - Alternativa Natural al Espermicida - Tubo 60g

    ContraGel - The Natural Alternative to Spermicide - 60ml Tube

    Say goodbye to irritation with ContraGel Green, the natural vegan alternative to spermicide. Used in conjunction with a diaphragm or cervical cap for natural and effective non-hormonal birth control. Larger 60ml tube.


    •  Totally Hormone Free 
    •  Instantly Reversible Contraception 
    •  No Nonoxynol 9 
    •  Non-toxic 
    •  Vegan
    •  Waterbased
    •  Compatible with YES Organic Lubricants
    •  Available Over The Counter (OTC Non-Prescription)
    •  Over 35 Years Production History
    •  European Manufactured
    •  CE 0124 Certified


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