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Traditional Milex Diaphragm

Diaphragms were once a go-to method of contraception. Effective, discreet (unlike a condom!), comfortable, and side-effect free, chances are if you ask your mother or grandmother about birth control — this is what they used. It was a simple concept with outstanding results. Diaphragms cover the cervix and blocking sperm from entering the uterus, preventing pregnancy. However, as pharmaceutical birth control swept over the world diaphragms fell off the map.

The rubbery silicone cap and circular shape looked old fashioned and intimidating. The need for a trained medical professional to assess your size meant that doctors need to be motivated to promote them. As quick and easy contraception became the norm, many doctors simply stopped mentioning diaphragms as an option. As a result, the number one diaphragm supplier, Ortho Johnson, makers of the All-Flex diaphragm, completed ceased production in 2014.

However, we now see the post-modern woman taking back control of their birth control experience. Women don't want the side effects and health risks of hormonal birth control, and are crying out for an effective and natural birth control. The old fashion diaphragm is just the ticket. Although finding someone to fit you for a diaphragm, and finding a pharmacy that can fill a diaphragm prescription, can be daunting, today's health-conscious women are up for the task.

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Caya diaphragm comfortable

Caya: A New-Age Diaphragm

Caya is the modern take on traditional diaphragms: the old fashion yet effective birth control method featuring a circular silicon dome inserted into the vaginal canal before intercourse to block sperm from entering the cervix.

There was a time when diaphragms were the most popular birth control available (think safe, effective, discreet birth control that is comfortable for both partners and easy enough to use.) But the advent of hormonal birth control and IUDs, coupled with the rise of the powerful pharmaceutical industry, pushed diaphragms into oblivion.

For some, the diaphragm retained its appeal. A growing number of women adamantly refuse to subject themselves to the myriad of side effects and health risks of hormonal birth control. Another under-represented segment of women has no choice but to avoid hormones for medical reasons.

The Caya diaphragm (called SLICs diaphragm during testing stages) created a new-age diaphragm revolution. Caya re-envisioned a perfect diaphragm, eliminating common complaints of difficulty removing the device and the need for extremely precise sizing. The new Caya diaphragm is easier to use, more comfortable, and anatomically designed to fit a wide range of women.

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FemCap for hormone free contraception

What Is The FemCap Cervical Cap?

FemCap is the hormone-free birth control solution for the modern women. A small silicone cap is placed directly over the cervix to stop sperm from traveling towards the uterus. Because pregnancy can only occur if sperm enters the cervix, travels up to the uterus, and meets a fertile egg, stopping the sperm's journey is really all that is needed to eliminate the risk of pregnancy at the root. Instead of turning off ovulation with hormonal birth control or implanting a foreign substance like a coil/IUD to stop implantation, FemCap creates a barrier between the cervix and the sperm.

Years of research went into designing the perfect cervical cap that would be comfortable, precise, and easy to use. It's a simple concept, with outstanding results.

FemCap is further unique because of it is the only female barrier contraceptive that does not require a fitting by a healthcare professional. This makes it easier than ever for women all over to the world to order a FemCap and start using the hormone-free birth control method they deserve!

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