Need to order a diaphragm online? Been fitted for a diaphragm but not sure what to do with the prescription? Lost your existing contraceptive diaphragm and need a quick replacement? Maybe we can help.

First off, please remember that you need to have been assesed by a trained healthcare profesional, maybe a Doctor, a Midwife or a Gyneocologyst in order to truly know your correct diaphragm size.

The sizing of a diaphragm depends upon the size of the vaginal cavity of the user. A Doctor or Gynaecologist is needed to ascertain the correct size. Every 6-12 months the user should check to see if that size is still correct and in addition if there has been any weight loss or gain of more than a few kilos or a pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage, then the sizing should be checked again.

You will need to be refitted if:

  • You gain or lose 10 pounds (4.5 kilos) or more
  • You have pelvic surgery
  • You give birth or have an abortion
  • You have repeated urinary tract infections
  • You or your partner feel pain or pressure during sex

You should NEVER guess your correct size and you should NEVER assume it will stay the same. An incorrectly sized diaphragm WILL increase the risk of pregnancy.

During the check up to ensure that a diaphragm is the best barrier contraceptive choice for you and to measure the correct size, the Doctor or Gynaecologist will also be able to show you how to correctly insert and remove the diaphragm. Not inserting it or removing it correctly will increase the risk of pregnancy. It is crucial that a Doctor or Gynaecologist is consulted to confirm a diaphragm is a suitable contraceptive method for you, to correctly measure you for your diaphragm and to instruct you in its correct use. DO NOT attempt to purchase or use a diaphragm until after such a consultation.

Your diaphragm prescription basically confirms the size you need, until your next check-up. There are many different brands of diaphragm but the sizing is always the same.

We work with the Milex brand of diaphragms from Cooper Surgical in the USA, an FDA and CE approved diaphragm which has had 100,000s of users over several decades and is without a doubt the established, go-to diaphragm. The sizing if the same across brands.

Imagine if you have a prescription for a 75mm diaphragm and previously you used the Ortho All Flex diaphragm. No problem, our 75mm Milex diaphragm will be the perfect fit.

Imagine if your Doctor, Gyno or Midwife fitted you using a Singa diaphragm kit and said you needed a 65mm Singa diaphragm. No problem, our 65mm Milex will be a perfect match.

And maybe you lost your 80mm Reflections diaphragm and need a replacement. Assuming the size is still correct you could replace it with an 80mm Milex diaphragm, no problem.

The final note on compatibility is the spring. A diaphragm is a silicone membrane stretched over a round spring. These springs bend in different ways according to the brand. Some bend across only one axis due to older, more restrictive designs but the newer Omniflex springs in the Milex diaphragms bend any which way you like, allowing them to be inserted a lot easier. So much so that we stopped stocking the Milex Arcing spring diaphragms (which fold only along one axis) as almost all of our users switched to the Omniflex spring design.

This video below shows that really clearly.

In summary, the important part of ordering your contraceptive diaphragm is actually getting fitted in the first place to know the correct size. Sometimes a suitably trained medical professional who offers diaphragm fitting as a service can be hard to find, locally. Once fitted, the brand, the spring and even the colour of your diaphragm is pretty much irrelevant.

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