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Buy Barrier Contraceptives For Natural Birth Control

Buy Natural Contraceptives and Birth Control Online

natural birth control with femcap


Natural Contraception

Finally, A Better Birth Control

Are you ready for natural, safe, and pleasurable sex?


Release yourself from the endless side-effects and long term health risks of hormonal birth control.


Say goodbye to mood mood-killing condoms.


FemCap is the ultimate natural birth control solution.


FemCap is a small and easily inserted cervical cap constructed from strong, medical grade hypoallergenic silicone. The dome of the cap, together with contraceptive gel, lightly suctions to the cervix, making it impossible for sperm to enter.


Simplified Sizing For All Women


femcap sizing

With the FemCap, accessibility to a doctor trained in diaphragm sizing is no longer necessary. Diaphragm sizing is decided by the ever changing size of the vaginal cavity which can fluctuate as a woman gains or looses weight or exercises to achieve firmer muscle mass in the buttocks, lower abdomen and inner thigh area.



Since the FemCap sits on top of the cervix, its size is determined by the size of the cervix itself.



After puberty, a woman's cervix size corresponds to a 22mm FemCap unless she becomes pregnant. Two weeks after conception, the cervix dilates irreversibly. This is important because even if a women miscarries early in the pregnancy and perhaps is not even aware she conceived, her cervix size has changed and a 26mm FemCap is now necessary. Vaginal delivery once again changes the cervix size; the correct size for someone who has had a vaginal delivery is 30mm.



This simple sizing system based on a woman's obstetric history means it is easy to self-size. This is key to providing effective barrier contraceptive solutions where access to a Doctor for correct diaphragm sizing is not an option. Choose your size, order online, and you can start enjoying natural birth control right away.

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