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Fertile Window

identifying fertility

Natural Family Planning

Ready to take your natural contraception system to a new level? Choosing a barrier method is "Step One" of your natural contraceptive plan. "Step Two" is identifying your monthly fertile window.

There are approximately seven days during each monthly cycle when pregnancy is biologically possible. Those days are called the fertile window.

Identifying those distinct fertile days empowers you to know exactly when contraception is actually necessary. It's simple. When you are fertile, you need to use protection. If you are not fertile, you don't!

So instead of using your diaphragm, cervical cap, or a condom every time you have sex, you only need to use your barrier contraceptive for the approximately 7 days of your fertile window.

Ovulation and The Fertile Window

Identifying the specific day you ovulate is the key to identifying your personal fertile window.

Ovulation causes an egg to be released into the fallopian tubes. That egg is viable for 24 hours. Sperm, on the other hand, has a longer lifespan. Sperm can wait around inside your uterus for up to 5 days. If at any point during those 5 days an egg is released, it can fuse with the egg to create a pregnancy.

The 24 hours that an egg is viable plus the five the days sperm can live creates the monthly fertile window. These days can either be identified by manually tracking and charting fertility symptoms, or by using a fertility monitor.

Either way, you will be empowered by the knowledge of when to use your barrier contraceptive, and when you are free to have sex without worrying about pregnancy.

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cyclotest fertility monitor

Effortlessly Identify Your Fertile Window

Cyclotest myWay vs. Cyclotest 2 Plus

Finally understanding the way your body works is freeing. Making sure you are correctly understanding your body can become stressful. That's where Cyclotest fertility monitors come in.

Cyclotest myWay is the new standard for an accurate, secure, and multipurpose fertility monitor. Take your temperature each morning under your tongue, and your daily fertility status will be automatically displayed. Plus, myWay gives you access to a wellspring of optional holistic health information.

View instant fertility graphs, track fertility symptoms, and even receive a warning of hormone insufficiencies that could be causing underlying health difficulties.

Cyclotest 2 Plus is the stripped down fertility monitor that makes accurate fertility charting accessible to all. It is based on the same algorithm as the myWay. Your cycle information is displayed in a simple linear format with icons displaying your daily fertility status.

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