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Milex Omniflex Contraceptive Diaphragm

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  • Effective and hormone-free birth control.
  • Flexible Omnifelx rim can be folded in any direction.
  • Must be used with contraceptive gel.
  • 7 size options. Compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing.
  • Discreet shipping to your door.
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60mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF60 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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65mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF65 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
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70mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF70 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £30.45 each and save 39%
75mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF75 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £30.45 each and save 39%
80mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF80 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £30.45 each and save 39%
85mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF85 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £30.45 each and save 39%
90mm Milex Diaphragm - OmniFlex Style Spring - MXWF90 - ENGLISH Version
Weight : 0.074 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £30.45 each and save 39%
ContraGel - 60ml Tube - EN, IT, ES, SV, SL, DE, NL, FR
Weight : 0.084 kgs
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Pack of 3 x ContragGel 60ml Tubes - EN, IT, ES, SV, SL, DE, NL, FR
Weight : 0.252 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £28.65 each and save 4%
Pack of 10 x ContragGel 60ml Tubes - EN, IT, ES, SV, SL, DE, NL, FR
Weight : 0.840 kgs
Gygel N-9 Spermicide. Exp Dec 2018
Weight : 0.104 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £16.65 each and save 15%
Vaginal Applicator For Contraceptive Gel (Single Pack)
Weight : 0.020 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £2.66 each and save 10%
Vaginal Applicator For Contraceptive Gel (3 Pack) - EN, DE, FR
Weight : 0.030 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £7.66 each and save 9%
Pjur-Med CLEAN-Fleece - 25 x Anti Bacterial Intimate Wipes - EN, DE, FR, NL, ES
Weight : 0.090 kgs
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Pjur-Med CLEAN-Spray - Anti Bacterial - 100ml Pump Spray - EN, DE, FR, NL, ES
Weight : 0.123 kgs
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Milex Omniflex Diaphragm Fitting Kit - MXWFFS
Weight : 0.265 kgs
  • Buy 2 for £54.00 each and save 10%

Milex OmniFlex Vaginal Diaphragms For Hormone-Free Birth Control

Milex silicone diaphragm with Omniflex spring mechanism. The Omniflex spring is highly flexible for easy insertion. Available in 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm & 90mm. Size must be determined by your Doctor or a trained healthcare professional.

The classic Milex Omnifelx diaphragms for reusable barrier contraceptive is now probably the most widely used diaphragm since the withdrawal of the Ortho AllFlex brand.

A shallow, latex-free silicone membrane covers the round rim. The rim can be compressed across two axises for easier insertion by the user.

These diaphragms feature unique wide seal technology along with a distortion-free rim to provide increased suction for added protection.

All diaphragms MUST be used with a spermicide or contraceptive gel. Since Nonoxynol-9 based spermicide often causes irritation, we usually recommend using the all natural spermicide alternative ContraGel.

We supply these diaphragms on the understanding that you, as our customer, are not our patient for whom we take responsibility for verifying the correct diaphragm size or instructing on correct use.

Contraception With A Diaphragm

Diaphragms are an excellent barrier contraceptive choice. They offer contraceptive protection with minimal side effects, minimal waste, and a high level of effectiveness.

However, using your diaphragm correctly is critical, so learning exactly how to place it of utmost importance. Your vaginal muscles will have to be able to hold the diaphragm in place, and the cervix must be completely covered by the silicone membrane.

To maintain contraceptive effectiveness:

  • Use only the correct size diaphragm. Do not guess your size.
  • Always use spermicide or contraceptive gel.
  • Apply more spermicide before additional acts of intercourse.
  • Only remove your diaphragm six to eight hours after intercourse.

Diaphragm Sizing With A Trained Health Professional

Our diaphragms are available in seven diameter sizes, from 60mm to 90mm, for a secure true fit. Sizing must be determined by a health professional trained in diaphragm fitting.

In order to ensure your diaphragm is securely hugging the walls of your vaginal canal, you will be fitted with the largest size that is comfortable for you.

After you are fitted, you will be shown how to insert and remove the diaphragm. You also will learn how to check if it is placed properly and covering your cervix. An incorrectly placed diaphragm will increase the risk of a pregnancy occurring.


Rare cases of TSS have been reported with diaphragm use. Therefore, if you have a history of TSS should not use a diaphragm.

If you have a silicone allergy, do not use this diaphragm.

Sensitivity to nonoxynol-9 spermicide is a common contraindication, so if you or your partner has any adverse reaction, ContraGel natural spermicide alternative may be a better choice.

Click The FAQs Tab For More Information

More Information
Product SheetMilex Diaphragms Product Sheet
Product VideosClick Here To See A Video About Arcing And Omniflex Diaphragm Fitting Kits
What's It Used For?To Form A Barrier Between Sperm And The Cervix
NotesCorrect Diaphragm Sizing Must Be Determined By Your Doctor Or Gynaecologist
Why Buy?Enjoy The Freedom Of Non-Hormonal Birth Control. Natural Skin-to-Skin Intimacy. Omniflex Spring For Easy Insertion.

I've Been Prescribed An AllFlex Diaphragm, Can I Use An Arcing Or An Omniflex Instead?

The short answer is yes. Our video helps explain the differences between spring styles visually, something that is tricky to do with just written words!

Different diaphragm brands have different springs styles which fold in different ways for insertion. Once they have been inserted they pop open into their regular disk shape again.

All users have their own opinions about the best or easiest spring style to use. Others have opinions about some springs styles being more rigid or more flexible and they feel that might effect usability, comfort or hold in place better with softer or firmer vaginal muscles.

Most of these comments are anecdotal or personal views and no such comments are endorsed by any manufacturer that we know of.

The key thing is the size and that will always be the same, before and after insertion and regardless of how it was folded for insertion.

What Diaphragm Size Am I?

There is absolutely no way of knowing that without having a consultation with a trained Doctor, Gyno or Midwife who will make a digital exploration, possibly also using sample diaphragms in order to confirm the actual size needed.

I'm Very Small And Have Never Been Pregnant, Would I Be The Smallest Size?

Body size is not directly proportionate to the size of the vaginal tract where the diaphragm will sit. There really is no way to guess with any certainty.

What If I just Take The Middle Size, There's Only A Few mm Possible Variance?

This is contraception we are dealing with here, not trying to squeeze into a smaller dress size. If the diaphragm isn't the best fit possible there is a risk that it will slip out of place and that sperm will get around it.

Some actions taken by a couple can reduce the chance of an unplanned pregnancy, other actions can increase that risk. Using a diaphragm, correctly and with spermicide is an example of reducing that risk whilst guessing diaphragm size is an example of increasing that risk.

I Was Fitted For A 70mm Diaphragm A Few Years Back, Should I Just Take That Size?

It could be that you still need a 70mm size but that would be guessing. Best practice is to be fitted again every year or in the following circumstances:

  • You gain or lose 10 pounds or more.
  • You have pelvic surgery.
  • You give birth or have an abortion.
  • You have repeated urinary tract infections.
  • You or your partner feel pain or pressure during sex.

How Should I Clean My Diaphragm?

It is important to thoroughly wash and dry your diaphragm with regular hand soap after each use.

Our Milex diaphragms can be autoclaved, maybe not an option for every user but they can never the less be boiled. Whilst boiling is not necessary, it will provide a higher level of cleanliness.

It is recommended to clean your hands and your diaphragm prior to insertion too. Pjur or NatraCare wipes, or Pjur cleansing spray, are convenient tools for this job. Take a look at our online store on this website for more information.

Can I Use My Diaphragm During My Period?

Always refer to the manufacturers instructions on this matter which would cover issues such as TSS, intimate hygiene and the obstruction of menstrual flow.

However there is another way to look at this issue.

Let´s assume your cycle is more than 22 days long which means you wouldn't ovulate before day 10 so intercourse during menstruation (days 1-4) would be taking place way too soon before ovulation for the sperm involved to survive until an egg turned up on ovulation day.

We find that most couples over use barrier contraceptives in the sense that they are frequently used when there is no risk of pregnancy. We find that with a bit of reading up on the 'fertility window', couples soon realise that there's only about a week each cycle when intercourse could lead to pregnancy and it's only during that week that contraceptive precautions need to be taken.

The tricky bit is identifying the fertility window. To learn more about that, check out the information on our Cyclotest Contraceptive Monitors in our online store.

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